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Henri MANGUIN(1874 - 1949)


Henri-Charles Manguin was born in Paris in 1874. Fatherless at the age of six years, annuitant, he was raised with his sister by his mother. She does not run when, in 15 years, he decided to stop his education to devote himself to painting. So, four years later, he left home, moved to Montmartre and became a student in the studio of Gustave Moreau. He befriends with Marquet, Puy and Matisse, frequent Rouault, Valtat and Camoin.

In 1899, he married Jeanne, who will give him three children and the inspiration for more than thirty years. In their home of Batignolles, Manguin installs a workshop in the garden, which will become a mecca for discussion for the former students of Moreau.

A year later, Manguin exposed for the first time in Gallery Berthe Weil. From 1902, he participated in the Salon des Independents in which he remained faithful for a decade.
It was in 1904 that he discovered Saint-Tropez never maddeningly addictive. He was struck by the light and beauty of the vegetation. He rents “la villa Demière” in the summer of 1905 and then born many major canvases in the work of the painter: the atmosphere magnifies the painter who traduce his happiness in a highly colorful painting, assertive, intense and expressive.

In 1905, he participated in the “Salon d'Automne” in the "cage aux fauves," where he introduced five paintings. Although regarded as one of the creators of fauve movement, we note with him throughout the influence of Cezanne: sake of the logic in construction, harmonious colours tones, importance in ornament, not forgetting his own touches in the use fiery and tumultuous tonal strengths. In that same year he entered at the gallery Druet, and then at Vollard and Bernheim the Young.

The “Salon d'Automne” of 1909, was presented by Manguin and hailed by the critics. Meanwhile, he exhibited abroad, Russia's international exhibition, the Venice Biennale and United States. His life is made of more or less stay long in France, but his heart remains in St. Tropez. Thus, he settled in Switzerland during the war, Brittany, Bordeaux, St Paul de Vence, Sanary and Avignon, where he took refuge in 1940.
He returned definitively to Saint-Tropez in 1949 and died there the same year. He has 75 years.

"Painter of happiness," Henri-Charles Manguin is primarily a painter instinctively pulling his emotions skin-deep paint to see who gives life in all its beauty. Looking effect, he delivers on the canvas glare feverish that the elements causing him offering us a world transfigured bright colours.

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